Think of lash tinting as a semipermanent dye job for your lashes. Tinting won’t add curl, length, or volume to your lashes but it will darken and intensify their color .If you have naturally light or blonde lashes, you’ll definitely see the most dramatic difference with a tint.


A brow tint add definition to your brows and well defined brows will frame the face.


Lash & brow tint & brow shape Having your lashes and brows tinted & brows Shaped can make a massive difference to the definition of your eyes and your overall appearance.


Brow tweeze / wax / thred

 10 €

Brow Tint

10 €

Henna Brows

35 €

24 hr patch test required.

Lash lift and tint

35 €

A lash lift and tint is a cosmetic service which acts as a less damaging alternative to extensions. Instead of adding artificial length to your lashes, the process curls and darkens your existing set, acting as a perm for your eyes. While most lashes grow straight out, a lash lift will maintain a curled effect for weeks with no need for mascara or any other products

Lamination Brows

Brow lamination €35
Lamination & tint €40


Eyebrow lamination is a brand new semi-permanent grooming trend. The treatment works in a similar way to a lash lift, and is designed to open up your eyes. The process essentially involves straightening eyebrow hairs using a chemical solution, so that they all stand in the desired direction. The result is a bushier, more defined yet natural-looking brow with little to no maintenance. A tint can be added at the end to give the brow the fullest effect.

The treatment takes between 30-40 mins. Your eyebrows look instantly thicker. You can team this treatment with any other brow treatment such as henna Brows or a simple wax or tweeze to tidy the brow. The aftercare is no water near the brows for 24 hours after the treatment. Lamination brows will last 5-6 weeks and can be topped up with a tint in-between treatments.